– A Complete Video Deposition Service – A Complete Video Deposition Service

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Record Depositions Online

A Complete Video Deposition Service


  • Requires just a laptop, conference cam, and internet connection.
  • Simple, unobtrusive, setup in minutes.
  • Record in HD quality from your conference room or any other.


  • Unlimited downloads – mp4 & mp1.
  • Compatible with Trial Director, Sanction, etc.
  • Edit using any Windows or Mac video editing software.


  • Synch transcript with video.
  • Locate any part of the recording via simple word search.
  • Easily clip segments of the recording for use in trial.


  • View online within a few hours of the end of the video deposition.
  • Use any device – iPhone, iPad, laptop, etc.
  • View from anywhere – office, home, traveling, etc.


  • Unlimited, secure storage.
  • Delete recordings directly from your account
  • Download local copies for use in trial prep software.


  • Share access via email directly from your account.
  • Recipient receives email with view/download only link to recording.
  • Shared links provide No access to any other recordings in your account.

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