How It Works

How It Works is a web-based service attorneys use to schedule, conduct, and record depositions online. All that’s required is a webcam, microphone, and internet connection.

1Open A Free Account

Open a free account. All you need is a PC or Mac with a webcam, mic and an internet connection. You’re only charged when you start a scheduled deposition. Open An Account!

2Schedule Your Deposition

Scheduling a deposition is as simple as logging in and entering the email addressees of the parties. You can invite your preferred court reporter, and include attachments directly from the form. Each party receives an email invitation including a link to join the meeting, a link to test their webcam, and any attachments you include. Read More

3 Attend Online From Anywhere

Once you start the deposition, all attendees can see and hear each other as if they were in the same room. You can host up to 20 participants, without cumbersome software installs. Read More

4 Use Documents & Exhibits

Easily use documents and exhibits during your online deposition. Upload the documents for your deposition in the following formats, PDF, JPEG,GIF, and PNG. This can be  during the deposition right from your desktop. Easily download documents to preserve as exhibits during the deposition. Read More

5 Record the Testimony

Present more compelling testimony by creating a video recording of the deponent for a fraction of the cost of a videographer’s deposition services. Read More


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