Recording – No Videographer Required!

Record Depositions for $325

No Time Limits

The fee for a recorded deposition is $325 regardless of its duration, and includes unlimited copies and access to view the recording online.

No Deposition Videographer Required

All you need to record the deponent is a PC/Mac with a webcam that’s connected to the internet. No special equipment or videographer is required.

deposition videographer

Download or View Within 24 Hours

Recorded depositions are available to download or view online within 24 hours of the deposition’s end. The download is an mp4 file, which is easily viewed on an Mac, PC, or mobile device.

Unlimited Copies/Access

You can download an unlimited number of copies, and view the file online for as long as you have an open account with us. There is no charge for an open account; you are only charged when you start a deposition.


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