• Legal Video Technology and the Role of the Court Reporter

    As with most new technology, understanding it’s application to the existing requirements of an industry or profession is essential. The legal profession by it’s nature, is awash in rules, both procedural and evidentiary. Determining how new technology fits within these rules is crucial. Legal video technology that enables attorneys to attend depositions online and create […]

  • Legal Video Technology Costs Dropping Fast

    Just as with other technologies, the internet is rapidly reducing the cost of legal video technology. The advent of “cloud computing”, growth of open source technology, and prevalence of PCs/Macs pre-equipped with webcams all combine to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of conducting depositions online. Cloud Computing
 Cloud computing is a general term used […]

  • Legal Video Technology’s Effect on Corporate Representative Deposition

    The corporate representative’s deposition is often overlooked and it’s value also greatly underestimated. The reality is that the person who is selected as the corporate representative will bind the corporation to their answers. The other equally important reality is that corporate representatives are often poorly prepared for their role. Combine all these factors and it’s […]